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Wstecz 27.01.2017


Selecting modules

Selecting modules


  • Speed Dating
  • Make coding or robotic workshops more gender inclusive
  • Skill Game
  • Inquiry into Chemical Reactions
  • Science Ambassadors and Ambassadresses – Meet Scientists


  • What’s Your Opinion?
  • Gender Inclusiveness in your Science Teaching
  • Inquiry into Shape and Action
  • Play Decide
  • School: Classroom Interventions of Science Ambassadors and Ambassadresses – Meet Scientist

Science Centre:

  • Test Your Self! The influence of our implicit associations
  • Café Scientific
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Inquiry into Chemical Reactions
  • Find the Stereotypes

Each partner should pick at least two modules from each group - school, industry and science centers/museums - making it a total of 6 modules. These should be implemented nationally.

Criteria for choosing modules

  • Partners and third parties can choose freely – 2 from industry, 2 from school/education and 2 from science centres and museums.
  • If an activity is not widely enough chosen (more than once), we will urge partners to rethink their choices.

Timeline 2017

Ferbruary/March – meeting with Hub and first selection of modules

March -  final selection of 6 modules, translation, adapt to national standards  and differences, easy to use by teachers, science centre
April – May – organization a national seminars