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Wstecz 19.06.2017


Interactive exhibition - Get Connected!


People have always dreamt of being able to communicate from distance. We are the lucky ones who live in the era when that dream came true.

The Exhibition Get Connected! will answer to the above questions. The exhibition provides excellent fun for the old and the young ones playing in long distance communication. Join us and get connected with the world!

This is an exhibition devoted to long distance communication. It depicts physical phenomena, presents human technical achievements within telecommunications and inspires to reflect upon chances and dangers emerging from technology development. 


Speaking Tube

The user of the exhibit learns that sound wave travels through air at a finite speed. The visitor can assess the speed. It is a huge pipe of 150m length. The visitor talks at one end, at the same time putting their ear against the other end.

The most famous code in the world

The exhibit user, with the use of the telegraph key, learns how to transmit messages with the use of the Morse Code (alphabet), which is means of communication applied in certain areas until this day.

Voice visualisation

The visitor observes a chart depicting changes in acoustic pressure in time function. The chart gets created thanks to electronic circuit. The visitor talks into the microphone watching a dynamic chart on screen.

Acoustic mirrors

The visitor uses the acoustic communication channel constructed with the use of two concave mirrors - thus learning about the possibilities of directing sound waves. Two persons exhibit.


The question concerns social, ethical and legal aspects of wiretapping. The Exhibit draws attention to capabilities of applying wiretapping for different purposes. It calls for reflection upon responding to questions regarding circumstances where wiretapping should be allowed.

Internet speed

The visitor has an opportunity to watch the route of data transferred via Internet. The user sends their test signal and observes on the world map through which servers and at what speed the message has been passed.

Flag code

The exhibit user gets acquainted with the essence of coding based on the example of code applied until now in sea transport. The visitor reads the message presented with the use of flags in exhibition space - above the visitors’ heads.

Bullerby message method

This exhibit is for the youngest visitors. Arranged in the form of two little houses, it enables to send message with the use of a box hung on a piece of string. This exhibit refers to the classical children’s literature - Astrid Lindgren’s „Six Children of Bullerby”. 

Sound propagation in solid matter

The user learns how well sounds i.e. vibrations propagate in solid matter. The visitor has at their disposal a long (a few metres long) rod, at the end of which is positioned an electromagnetic inductor of acoustic vibrations. At the other end, after placing directly against one’s ear (or indirectly elbow and ear), those sounds can be perfectly heard.

Additionally, the user may perform an experiment consisting of hitting the rod with a small hammer - this will create stronger vibrations that will be considerably louder and their range of audibility in the rod may amount to even a few kilometres.