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We invite all children to embark on a journey to the World of Science that takes place during EXPERYMENT Academy!

EXPERYMET Academy is a series of lectures directed to young explorers. Its key-stone is to incite imagination and young creativity. It aims at promoting innovative thinking, developing the urge to explore the world around us, formulating questions and searching for answers.

During a cycle of lectures given by academic teachers and science enthusiasts, the Academy-goers are able to gain insight into different areas of science and knowledge. All this with a little help from our mascot – Mr. Kulka. 

Young discoverers, just like university students, receive their own student record books and gather in a lecture hall. There is no calling out the list. Yet, after every Academy meeting, students get a stamp in their record books in order to prove their attendance.

Academy lectures are directed to children aged from 6 to 12. They are organized regularly on Saturdays, once every month, from October till June. Academic year is divided into two semesters and there are always four 45-minute meetings held during each of them.

A characteristic feature of the EXPERYMENT Academy is the fact that we invite a parent or a legal guardian to accompany the young student during the lecture. We do not charge any extra fees for their participation. 

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