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Wstecz 23.06.2015

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Virtual World of Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions

Your general admission ticket to EXPERYMENT Science Centreenables you to visit the Virtual World of Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions.

There you will find the most important technical inventions of the famous genius of the Renaissance era. But, since it’s a virtual exhibition, they are not visible at first sight. You can experience them thanks to the Augmented Reality technology. By using you smartphone or tablet you will have an opportunity to enter the magic world of virtual exhibits, watching them from every angle. Thanks to this unusual gallery you will get a chance to understand how such fantastic and groundbreaking machines like cannon, bicycle or propeller were made. During this marvelous adventure Leonardo will accompany you himself - as your virtual guide.

Watching the virtual exhibition requires a free smartphone/tablet app, which you can download once you’re in EXPERYMENT. While using this app you can also take pictures and send them through e-mail or publish on your Facebook / Twitter profile.