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Wstecz 09.12.2016

What will you see


In addition to our existing expositions Hydroworld, Operation: Human, Invisible forces and The tree of Life, we opened a range of interactive exhibits, connected with everyday choices we have to make to stay healthy and happy. The subject of the new exhibition is not accidental - it was chosen based on the opinions of EXPERYMENT visitors who indicated health as the most interesting and the most expected topic.

The new exhibition, by combining fun with gaining knowledge, shows that health is not only a lack of disease, but general well-being as a result of taking care of the physical, psychological or social side of every human. Stands, through the use of technological novelties, mobile applications or anatomical models, reflect phenomena in the field of health so that interaction with exponents would be amusing for guests at any age, and the message could be well remembered. The aim of getting knowledge about ourselves and our relatives is to widen horizons, pay attention to details that we can miss in everyday life, but affect the state of our health a lot.

Toward Health exhibition consists of four thematic zones that combine things that are most important for maintaining good health. One of them is the lifestyle zone, where stands encourage us in an interesting and engaging way to take small but extremely important steps in our lives - from frequent physical activity to proper nutrition.

Next zone is connected with the subject of diseases prevention and in a different, but equally fascinating way, will explain to younger and older guests how to prevent diseases. Part of the exhibition has also been devoted to our emotions and their influence on our physical and mental health. The last but not the least is the first aid zone, an issue that is important to get familiar with from the early age.


The stand that will certainly catch guests' attention for a long time is, among others, Responsible driver - a car driving simulator, which will enable verification of the driver's reactions under the influence of alcohol. The exhibit is equipped with special effects in order to show realistic effect from driving under alcohol and getting into car accident. Some of the stands also require various types of physical activity, such as the exhibit Catch a form, on which we will conduct a virtual race of blood cells in the bloodstream. Reflex stand, which is a test of fitness and speed of reaction combined with competition, will be a great attraction for both adults and children. Interactive games with the power of your own memory as well as peace will be possible with the exhibits of Remember and the Power of Mind. The exhibition will also include engaging activities related to healthy eating or risk factors associated with our daily behaviors.

TOWARD HEALTH exhibition has also audio description for each of 18 stands.

In order to use the audio description, approach the stand near exhibit and connect the headphones (3.5 mm jack plug). On the right side of the stand there are respectively:

  • button for increasing the audio description volume

  • button for decreasing the audio description volume

  • language selection button

  • headphone jack.

Audiodescripts are available in Polish, English and Russian.

Disposable headphones are included in the ticket price. You can take them at the tickets office.