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Wstecz 14.07.2019

***Science Inspired

Study visit in NOESIS Centre in Greece

In the beginning of July we visited NOESIS Science Centre and Technology Museum in Thessaloniki in Greece. Organizers presented us different methods using popular games for educational purposes. During workshops we created science taboo game, which we played later together. Next challenge was tinkering workshops and creating scribbling machines.

The most exciting part of the study visit program was learning how to use drones. We learned how to overcome obstacle course, create videos from big hight and how to programme drone to make it do somersault. We learned that drones can be a great tool to learn mathematics, physics and programming. We took also part in game “how to decode the code” with puzzles and quizzes based on programming and mathematics.

Last day was dedicated for creating educational videos. We created short videos about the history of wheel and cars, imaging camera, gravity, sound and how brain is stronger than muscles.

After 4 study visits we feel fully integrated and full of ideas ready to implement in our institutions.