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Wstecz 14.07.2019

***Science Inspired

Study visit in Agóra Science Center in Debrecen

In June we realized next study visit in Agóra Science Center in Debrecen in Hungary. In the beginning we had tour around exhibition and we were discovering most interesting and most demanding exhibits. One of specialization of Agóra Science Center are new technologies. We had chance to experience Virtual Reality, holograms and optical illusions.

We learned how to create educational quizzes and how they lead workshops about renewal sources of energy and recycling. The second day we also took part in exciting game based tour around exhibition and botanic garden, located in Agóra’s surroundings. During the game we were solving the mistery of stolen famous and expensive picture. In the same time other group of educators and teachers had chance to visit Hungarian, artistic school. During study visit we experienced full cycle of robotics workshops, finished with exciting robot fights.

Last day was dedicated for creating educational videos in international teams with usage of Agóra Science Center exhibits. We had a lot of fun and we came back very science inspired.