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Wstecz 11.04.2019

***Science Inspired

Science centres love to learn!

Science centres love to learn!

First study visit during Science Inspired project has come to an end. It was held in Experyment Science Centre in Gdynia.

During three intensive days 40 educators and teachers from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Greece took part in multiple workshops and meetings. It was a great opportunity to gain knowledge and exchange experiences.

On first day participants had a chance to get to know each other and integrate. Then we held a workshop that taught them how to create exciting urban games. At the end of the day project members took part in classes for teens: Cryptonym Experyment, that includes elements of escape room method and AC/DC Tesla vs. Edison which is based on storytelling.

Second day began with facing each other in a “Time Capsule” game on our exhibition. The point of this activity was to get to know the Action Track app, that was the platform for the game. Later on project participants learned how to use the application to create their own games. During Youth personas workshop teachers and educators talked about problems and needs of teens. Together they were trying to come up with a solution on how to motivate young people to pursue their scientific passion.

Last day was fully dedicated towards making educational videos. First, educators and teachers were introduced to the most important rules of filmmaking and editing, and on features of the free editing software that they were using to finish their work. After learning the theory they worked on their scrips and started filming on the Experiment exhibition.

In only few hours 5 educational videos were created, that base on interactive exhibits from EXPERYMENT Science Centre.

The video created during the project will be soon available to watch on Science Inspired YouTube channel.

The next study visit will be held in VIDA! Science Centre in Brno. We can’t wait!