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On the 1st of June 2007 EXPERYMENT Science Centre inaugurated its activity in The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park. Creating interactive exhibition was an idea of municipality of Gdynia as a part of the  “creActiveNET” program. The project was financed from the INTERREG program budget.

The Centre of Science in Gdynia is one of the first such establishments in Poland and the first one in the region of Pomerania. EXPERYMENT cooperates with other science centres in Poland and also acts as an advisor to the newly developed institutions of such kind.

From 2006 (beginning of the exhibition development) until 2012, EXPERYMENT Science Centre was a section of The Gdynia Innovation Centre. In April 2012, it became an individual, self-governed institution.

On 26th of July 2010, the expansion of The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park started. Thanks to the enlargement of the Park's area, EXPERYMENT Science Centre changed entirely. In our new building, our guests can enjoy an exhibition area that's 7 times bigger (3500 m2) and much more modern. Our new premises consist of four main galleries of different scope, titled: Hydroworld, The Tree of Life, Operation: Human and Invisible Froces. Hundreds of interactive stations are at the disposal of every visitor. The great opening of the new premisses of EXPERYMENT Science Centre was held on September 7th 2013.

Since 2007:


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